All In One Moving & Storage provides our potential customers with free estimates, no obligations required. The estimates we provide are:

  • Phone estimates – which consists of stating your packing/moving or storage request to a representative, and in return you will receive a preliminary calculation of the cost.
  • On-line estimates – All In One Moving & Storage provides on-line estimates for commercial and/or residential moves. On-line estimates provides potential customers with a preliminary calculation, the opportunity to shop on line. Simply complete the form (s) that pertains to your request, and submit to, and a representative will assist you in the order your request was received.
  • On-site estimates – an estimator will visit your home, storage, or work site, and evaluate what you have. The estimator will provide the customer with our informational packet that describes in full who we are, services that are available, and what we offer our potential customers.

Note: All In One Moving & Storage does not guarantee that moves will exceed the estimated charges.
Actual charges for packing, loading, transporting, and unloading are based upon time required to perform these services. Actual charges may not be determined prior to completion of services.

All In One Moving & Storage offers a variety of rates, flat rates, hourly rates, as well as discounted rates. Our flat rates are an all-inclusive package, with no hidden charges. The flat rates consist of material costs, packing, loading, transporting, and unloading. The hourly rates are non-inclusive packages. This rate is made up of material cost, packing, unpacking, crating, dumping, location, relocation, and truck fee. This fee is standard, and may fluctuate, due to distance, and/or how many stops are made. The hourly rate also includes how many packers/movers you need.

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