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   Living Room

Bar, portable Bookcase Cabinet
Chair Chair - arm Chair - rocker
Entertainment center, md. Entertainment center, lg. Lamps
Rugs, small Rugs, large Sofa, loveseat
Sofa, sectional Sofa, large Stereo
Tables, coffee Tables, end TV, up to 30 inches
TV, larger than 30 inches VCR Piano

    Dining Room

Buffet (base) Hutch (top) Cabinet, corner
Dining table Chair Pictures
Rug, small Rug, large  


Bed, single Bed, double Bed, queen
Bed, king Bed, bunk Dresser, single
Dresser, double Dresser, triple Night table
Bookshelves (sectional) Chair Chest, armoire
Pictures Lamps Rug, small
Rug, large TV  


Bed, youth Chest, toy Crib, baby
Table, child's    


Air-condition/window, small Air-condition/window large Dishwasher
Freezer, 10 cu. or less Freezer, 10-15 Dryer
Vacuum cleaner Refrigerator (<=5 cu. ft.) Refrigerator (7 - 10 cu. ft.)
Refrigerator (>=11 cu. ft.)    


Chairs Breakfast table Ironing board
Microwave cart Microwave oven  

   Porch & Outdoor

BBQ grill, small BBQ grill, large Chairs, aluminum
Chairs, metal Lounge chairs Table


Bicycle Desk, office Filing cab., 2 door
Filing cab., 4 door Suitcase Exercise equipment
Computers Fine Art Musical instruments
Trash can    


Tips on calculating the required amount of boxes needed: One book box contains 20-30 books; One china box contains two sets of dishes. One large linen box contains drawers of a regular dresser. One wardrobe box contains 20-25 hangers

Estimated number of boxes needed
Wardrobe Book Carton Dish Carton
Large Carton Medium Carton Picture/Mirror
Extra size items

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